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Copies of ballgame broadcasts available on CD


Some people go to great lengths to find a copy of their high school yearbook…just to look at the pictures.  It is even more difficult to find copies of high school radio play-by-play broadcasts.  Here you can find audio coverage of games from a 15-year time span…and even longer.  The commercials have been removed…so all you hear is action direct from the pressbox.



The list below is of ballgame broadcasts available for sale. There are more than 500 hundred games available…most from 1982 - 1997.  For the entire list click here.



Games are recorded on CD...usually in mp3 format.  Cost is $20.00 for state championship games.  All others are $10.00.  I pay all shipping costs.



The broadcasts originated on Madisonville's WKTG/WFMW... except Henderson's games in the 1996 Bambino World Series (available in a 5-CD package)...which were heard on WSON.



For purchases, questions, or comments you may reach me at



What does the play-by-play sound like?  Here is an audio clip from Henderson County's 88-86 win over Madisonville in the opening round of the 1993 Second Region tourney.



And here is a football clip from Apollo's 1985 game at Madisonville.